Advent reflection for 30 November

Empty fishing nets

Fishing nets out to dry in Bangladesh.

“And they left their nets at once and followed him.”

Matthew 4:20

Today, on the Feast of Saint Andrew, we hear Matthew’s account of the call of brothers Andrew and Peter and James and John. They are going about their daily work, fishing out on the lake, but on hearing Jesus’ invitation, they immediately drop everything to follow him. They head off into the unknown without hesitation. 

The urgency of Jesus’ call is clear. We too have received an urgent call – the cry of the earth. A call that challenges us to make profound changes in our lifestyle, to respond to the climate crisis, to prevent further damage to our environment and restore creation for the common good.  

We may feel dismayed by the scale of the task. Perhaps Andrew too, felt a little daunted as he stepped out in trust to follow Jesus. The path certainly was not always easy for him, but it was the path to life. Today, let us ask Saint Andrew to pray for us that we may listen to God’s call and be swift and generous in our response. 

Advent prayer

God of new beginnings,
help us to cherish the gift of creation.
Be with us as we respond
to your call to care for the earth,
and for our poorest sisters and brothers
most vulnerable to climate change.

Saint Andrew, pray for us.


If you have children, find time to share together Pope Francis’s ‘Prayer for our Earth’ from Laudato Si’ which we have adapted for younger people and set to music.


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