Advent reflection for 30 November

Saba sits on some steps in the refugee camp in Bangladesh

Saba lives in a refugee camp in Bangladesh after fleeing persecution in Myanmar

“I tell you solemnly, nowhere in Israel have I found faith like this.”

Matthew 8:10

Jesus is surprised by the faith of the centurion, who believes that Jesus can heal his servant even from a distance.

Faith gives us the courage to reach out to God for help when we most need it, for we are confident we can trust in him.

It seems natural then, that in March 2020, as the global pandemic really took hold, Google searches for “prayer” were up by 50 per cent. We were all seeking comfort and reassurance as the world changed around us. Many of us still are.

Saba lives in a refugee camp in Bangladesh. Three years ago, she fled her native Myanmar, with her father-in-law and her three children, because as Rohingya they were being persecuted. Her husband was abducted and has never been found.

Despite, or perhaps because of, all the challenges that she faces, Saba’s faith remains strong. She prays daily with her family.

“We especially pray for returning back to our own place… We trust in our God fully.”

Let us pray this Advent for all people who are far from home, for those who are separated from loved ones, and for all those who seek healing, comfort and peace in these difficult times.

Advent prayer

God of all, strengthen our faith in the most difficult of times. Comfort us, heal us and fill us with your love so that we may also reach out to others. Amen.


Come together as a community of faith this Advent in whatever way you are able in your local area.  

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