Advent calendar prayer and reflection for 4 December

Marwan smiles and stands holding his two young children in the street in Syria

Your support helped Marwan to rebuild his home in Syria after it was damaged in the war.

“The Lord has wiped away the tears from every cheek.” 

Isaiah 25:8

Marwan fled his home in Syria in 2013 because of the civil war. With his wife and family, he went to Lebanon where they stayed for over six years.

Last year, the family decided it was safe enough to return home. But while they were away their house had been badly damaged.

“When I saw the destruction for myself, I was upset,” says Marwan. “It was bad. No walls, no windows, the entire house was destroyed. It was hard to live here. When I saw my home, my spirits were broken.”

When Marwan heard that our local experts were offering support to those looking to rebuild, he went to register.

“When I found out that I was getting help, I was so happy. I was really happy.”

Marwan’s home is now much safer for him and his family to live in. He explains:

“You helped us to make a huge step forward. Without you, it would have taken me five or six years to get to this. The house the way I found it, destroyed and mangled, compared to the way it is now… Thank God.”

Advent prayer

God of love, you comfort your people in their sadness. Through our actions, may we wipe away the tears of our sisters and brothers who are in need. Together may we rebuild in the hope of a better future. Amen.


Keep all those who are downhearted in your prayers this Advent, that they may find hope and joy. Use our Advent prayers for inspiration.

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