Advent calendar reflection for 4 December

Woman standing by raised crop beds.

Nomita growing okra and squash on raised beds.

“He will send rain for the seed you sow in the ground, and the bread that the ground provides will be rich and nourishing.” 

Isaiah 30:23

Isaiah offers great words of consolation to God’s people: their time of hardship will end, and God will answer their cries for help. Their land will produce rich nourishing food. 

Nomita is feeling the impact of the climate crisis on her livelihood. Increasingly severe floods in her region of Bangladesh constantly threaten her rice crop. As she explains: 

“When the rice was growing, there was a flood of salty water that damaged the crop. There was no grain inside the rice. We harvested the crop, but only a tiny bit had matured properly. I was very disappointed. Our land is only small and what little we have was damaged. I wondered how we’d get enough money to pay for other foods and expenses.” 

A CAFOD-supported project has enabled Nomita to attend Farmers’ Field School and learn more about organic cultivation of a homestead garden. Thanks to this, Nomita has grown a variety of fruit and vegetables including okra, striped beans, pumpkin, bananas, beetroot, spinach and tomatoes. These have helped feed her family, and pay for her daughter’s education. 

As in the words of Isaiah, the crops that the ground provides really are rich and nourishing, and they are helping Nomita and her family to flourish. 

Advent prayer

Generous God,
thank you for all the earth provides.
Help us to share these gifts fairly,
so that all people may flourish.


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