Advent calendar prayer and reflection for 5 December

Illustration of a woman working in a garden surrounded by plentiful fruit and vegetables

A Vegetable garden World Gift can help a vulnerable family to grow rich and nourishing food.

“He will send rain for the seed you sow in the ground, and the bread that the ground provides will be rich and nourishing.” 

Isaiah 30:23

Isaiah’s vision in this reading is one of plenty for a people who have lacked the basic necessities of life for too long.

This is a vision that we believe in at CAFOD. We believe that no one should be beyond reach of the love and support that they need to live a dignified life. A life in which everyone has the chance to flourish.

Cristina lives in a remote region of Bolivia. She is married and has four children. Her husband spends most of the year doing low-paid, seasonal work in the city of La Paz, to earn money for the family to survive.

Cristina stays at home and is responsible for farming the family’s land and making sure they have enough to eat.

We have worked with local experts to help Cristina build a vegetable garden. She has learnt how to sow the seeds, water the land and successfully grow her vegetables. She cultivates lettuce, maize, onions, potatoes and carrots.

As well as making sure her family has a healthy diet and enough to eat, Cristina now often has surplus crops that she can sell at market. With the extra money that she makes, she can afford to send two of her children to university.

As in the words of Isaiah, the crops that the ground provides really are rich and nourishing, and they are supporting Cristina’s children to reach their full potential. 

Advent prayer

God of life, we give you thanks for the bounty of your creation. Help us to share these gifts fairly so that all your children may flourish. Amen.  


Give a World Gift to your loved ones and help a vulnerable family facing difficult farming conditions to plant and maintain their own vegetable garden.

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