Advent calendar reflection for 9 December

Boy watering crops in field with watering can.

Fabiano watering crops.

“The poor and the needy ask for water, and there is none, their tongue is parched with thirst. I, the Lord, will answer them. I, the God of Israel, will not abandon them.” 

Isaiah 41:17

Before his family had a water supply, 14-year-old Fabiano was forced to walk for hours to gather water so they could drink, cook and wash. In order to arrive at school on time, Fabiano had to walk five kilometres for water before sunrise – despite the dangers of travelling in the dark. 

Thankfully, local engineers, supported by CAFOD donations, built a solar-powered water pump in Fabiano’s village. Now he and his family can access clean, safe water. Fabiano also no longer has to walk for hours in the dark. This means he feels refreshed and able to focus in school every day. When he is home, he can easily water his vegetables. There’s now plenty to eat and extra to sell.  

Once the pump had been installed in Fabiano’s village, he said: “We had water available right near our homes. We were so jubilant about it and happy about it coming here. We knew life would change.”  

This Advent we pray for all those who thirst. May the Lord answer their call.

Advent prayer

Compassionate God, you hear and answer those who call to you for help. Work through us so that we may also hear and answer the cry of those who thirst. Amen.  


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