Lent calendar prayer and reflection for 1 April

Amy and Hannah stand smiling with a teacher at their school where they organise a raffle for CAFOD

Sisters Amy (left) and Hannah with a teacher at their school

"No more will the sound of weeping or the sound of cries be heard in her; in her, no more will be found the infant living a few days only, or the old man not living to the end of his days.” 

Isaiah 65:17-21

This is one of the scriptural texts that is fundamental to CAFOD’s work. It inspires what we do. Here, in a nutshell, is what we all hope for.  

This is a vision of a world where babies are born safely to healthy mothers, who have enough food and clean water to give them.  

A world where mothers and babies feel protected from conflict, where they are not forced to leave their homes and travel long distances away from bombs and bullets.  

A world where elderly people can live in comfort, surrounded by their families, knowing that the hopes and dreams of their children and grandchildren may well come true. 

A little girl with a vision

Ten-year-old Amy from Crosby is working in her own way towards this vision. After reading a leaflet about how CAFOD helped communities overseas to access clean water a few years ago, Amy knew she had to do something to make a difference. 

Since then, with her sister Hannah, 8, Amy has organised a raffle within her school each year during CAFOD’s Lent appeal.  

Amy’s grandma, Annette, says: “Amy really is quite remarkable. I’m involved with CAFOD, but it’s my granddaughter who inspires me.  

“At such a young age, she has such a compassionate, far-seeing attitude and is very aware that not everyone is as lucky as she is.  

“I might be biased, but I think she’s brilliant!”

Lent prayer

Lord, may the tears of those who suffer be wiped from their eyes by the compassion and love of their neighbours and friends. May I, through my Lenten fast and prayer, become open to a change of heart and find ways to build peace and restore hope and dignity to those in need. Amen. 


Following Amy and Hannah’s example, what can you do this Lent to make a difference? Please give what you can to our Lenten Appeal.

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