Lent calendar prayer and reflection for 10 April

Bernard standing by his car ready to give someone a driving lesson

Bernard gave up his time to make local roads safer and raise money for our Lent Appeal

"If you make my word your home you will indeed be my disciples, you will learn the truth and the truth will make you free." 

John 8:31-42

Sometimes it is hard to face the truth, especially if it is a truth about ourselves, something we would rather not admit. Lent is a good time to reflect on these truths though – after all, if we never face up to them, we’ll never change. 

How does the world change? Each of us and the communities we belong to also need to face up to some uncomfortable truths and challenge the myths that have grown up.  

For example, around poverty. Why are so many people poor? Can you think of all the myths you have heard about poverty?  

Lent would be a good time to start to challenge some of those myths and begin to feel more connected to people who are living in poverty, all over the world. It’s a good time to do something active to make a difference. 

Behind the wheel for CAFOD

Bernard is a retired driving instructor from Rochdale. He began offering his services to the local community last year during Lent to raise funds for CAFOD. Instead of giving up chocolates or alcohol, Bernard decided he would give his time, to make local roads safer.  

Members of the Rochdale community have been signing up to spend a couple of hours on the road with Bernard, who offers tips and refreshers both on technical driving ability and the need to keep up to date with the Highway Code. 

Bernard says, “I don’t ask for payment, but those who take part are invited to donate however much or little they can to CAFOD’s Lent Appeal. 

“Sometimes during Lent, you can fall into a trap of doing something because you feel you have to.  This is just a different look at Lent; changing the goal posts. You never know, it might prompt someone to look at Lent a little differently!”

Lent prayer

Father, we know it is important to face up to the truth – about ourselves and the way we have organised our societies across the world. Too many people are left behind and left out. Too many don’t have enough to eat or clean water to drink. May I have the courage and strength to bring about change in whatever small ways I can. Amen.


Start a fundraising activity in your community, and donate what you raise to our Lent Appeal. See our A to Z of fundraising for ideas. Thank you for helping our sisters and brothers around the world to flourish.

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