Lent calendar prayer and reflection for 10 March

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Mary from South Sudan is partially blind. Her family were forced out of their village from conflict

That the Lord will come is as certain as the dawn, he will come to us as showers come, like spring rains watering the earth.

Hosea 5:15-6:6

Jesus, our friend and brother, suffered a painful death on the cross. It can hurt to think of Jesus’ journey. But we are able to look beyond the cross, as the Lord rises from death to new life.

The light of our hope in Christ shines through the darkness in our world. We stand with our sisters and brothers who are suffering, and we look towards the dawn of Jesus’ saving love.

Mary is partially blind. Her family were forced out of their village because of conflict. She built a temporary home in another area of South Sudan. “We came here with nothing at all. We fled with only the clothes we had in order to save our lives from certain death.”

But the situation she fled from followed her. Hunger and the risk of starvation was a constant threat. With nothing to eat, her family hoped for rain.

Prayers for peace

Under a baobab tree, Mary waits with other families who were forced to leave their homes. CAFOD and our partner Trocaire distribute bags of beans and sorghum for the families.

Mary and her two daughters walk home, carrying a bag each on their heads. “My children and I will pray for those who donated this food to us,” she says. “With this food now I can get some peace and rest that my family has something to eat.”

Thank you for your love and compassion, which fall like spring rains in Mary’s village.

Lent prayer

Come, Lord of life, shower the world with your compassion. Revive our souls like the morning dew. Amen. 


Mary is praying for you and all those who helped bring her food. Please pray for Mary, and all our sisters and brothers who are hungry. Download our Lent prayer.

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