Lent calendar prayer and reflection for 10 March - First Sunday of Lent

Mahinur shows the tiny fish that she caught from 20 minutes of fishing

Mahinur caught just one tiny fish

“During that time he ate nothing and at the end he was hungry.” 

Luke 4:1-13

Jesus knew what it was like to go hungry. He fasted in the desert for forty days.  

There he was tempted by the devil who offered him food, then power and glory, and then the chance to put God to the test. Jesus resisted. 

We all know a little about feeling hungry. How it can make us feel shaky and weak, lead us to make poor decisions or become emotional.  

For some of us, that hunger is temporary. Quickly sated by the next snack or meal.  

For many though, hunger is an ever-present concern. A dark shadow looms as they wonder when they will next be able to eat.

“Some days I go without food”

In Bangladesh, Mahinur works hard to provide for her son and husband who have disabilities. They have no land to grow food. She used to fish but the river dried up.  

Mahinur does what she can to feed the family but it is not enough. “Some days I go without food. When I had no work, I was so hungry.” 

She clutches her stomach. “When we have no food in the house, sometimes my son goes to the neighbours and other people feed him. On days like that, my husband doesn’t eat. It’s very difficult for us.”

Share the hunger of others 

As we fast this Lent, following Jesus’ example in the desert, we remember that everything that we have comes from God.  

As we feel hunger, let us take time to step back and consider how we can help others, especially those like Mahinur and her family who are hungry.

A prayer for the first Sunday of Lent

Christ Jesus, you know what it is to feel hungry and alone. Open my eyes to my brothers and sisters who will not eat today, and fill me with compassion, so that I may reach out to them in love. Amen. 


This coming Friday is Family Fast Day. Please eat simply so others, like Mahinur and her family, can eat. Watch how our wonderful supporters do it in this heartwarming video.

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