Lent calendar prayer and reflection for 11 April

Kajal stands with Eshita in front of the weather board. Kajal has supported Eshita to learn how to breed and immunise chickens and ducks

Kajal (right) with Eshita who she has been supporting to breed and immunise chickens and ducks

“Look to the Lord in his strength; seek to serve him constantly.” 

Psalm 104:4-9 R v 8

Kajal has been working to support extremely poor communities in Bangladesh for nine years.  

“My role is to organise the community members and give them advice so they can begin to solve agricultural problems themselves,” says Kajal, who is full of enthusiasm for her job.  

“I love meeting people and sharing practical tips. I love seeing how people take my ideas and use them and see the benefits and use their intuition to adapt those ideas in their own way.”

Building a bond of trust

Kajal feels a strong affinity to the community members since she too is local. “It’s an advantage for me growing up round here,” she explains. “People know me like they know a neighbour… I’m accepted.” Building trust is essential to the success of the project.  

“When I visit a new village, I introduce myself to the community. Then I observe their daily life at home. How are they doing? What are their future plans? I gradually build a good relationship with them. Then I organise training sessions, where participants learn new techniques from each other.” 

It is clear when you talk to her that Kajal’s life is one of service to others, and that this brings her a deep sense of satisfaction and fulfilment.

Lent prayer

Lord God, we are called to lives of service, especially to serve those who are poor, excluded or vulnerable. Grant me the strength to respond to your call, in whatever way I can. May I always seek to act out of love for all your people, our global family. Amen.


Reflect with this beautiful spoken word prayer, From the mountain top, about how all of us on earth are responsible for one another.

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