Lent calendar prayer and reflection for 15 March

CAFOD livesimply group offers gifts for refugees

A livesimply group in Norwich offers bags full of toys for refugee families

The Father’s word finds no home in you.

John 5:31-47

Jesus lambasts the people for their lack of faith. These men have devoted their lives to studying the scriptures. Yet they refuse to accept the Messiah is standing right there before their eyes.  

We have a choice. We can either listen to the word of God in church, but let the seed fall down on barren land. Or we can welcome God into our lives, and let our faith shine through our actions.

Faith into action

The faith of Catholic parishioners in England and Wales is often inspirational.

Andy is a parishioner of St John the Baptist cathedral parish in Norwich. He reflects, “It’s often hard to know what the person in the pew next to you is doing or feeling. Being part of livesimply is an opportunity to see how others in the parish live out their faith.”

One of the ways people from the parish live out their faith is by welcoming local refugee families. The group offered rucksacks full of useful items, including toys for the children, to local refugee families. They also wrote messages to the families on ‘Welcome to Norwich’ postcards.

Carol, a member of the livesimply group, told us, “One day we heard about an Albanian family whose accommodation was very cold. I asked the knitting group in the parish, and they made three blankets for the family within a couple of days. We are a tiny part of a wonderful thing.”

Lent prayer

Father, may your word find home in us. Give us the strength to resist indifference. Through your grace, may we let your message shine out through our lives. Amen.  


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