Lent calendar prayer and reflection for 16 February

A woman outside her home in Zimbabwe

Marian stands outside her home in Zimbabwe. She is working with CAFOD's partner to lift her family out of hunger.

Is not this the sort of fast that pleases me – to share your bread with the hungry and not turn from your own kin?

Isaiah 58:1-9

Today we reflect on how our Lenten fasting might be pleasing to God. It’s tempting to close in on ourselves. We might think about how hungry we are, or how we miss our favourite treat, and just focus on our own needs and ignore everyone around us.

But we can ask God to help us have a good fast. If we are hungry, perhaps we can begin to understand the struggles of our sisters and brothers who are hungry.

Marian from Zimbabwe used to struggle even to buy a handful of vegetables to feed her children.     

She remembers, “I had no strength and no power in my body. I was shivering. And I thought, if I’m feeling hungry, what about my children? I was so worried about finding the next meal.”

Marian felt like this every moment of the day. Yet she didn’t give up. She was determined to provide for her children.

May we be inspired by Marian to care for our sisters and brothers. May we share our bread with those who are hungry. And may we cry out to God, with hearts hungry for justice.

Lent prayer

God of all, we cry out to you with our neighbours who are hungry. Give us today our daily bread, and give us a hunger for justice. Amen.         


Share your bread this Lent with families like Marian’s. Please donate to the Family Fast Day Appeal.

This Lent, your gift can be worth double to people who are hungry – the UK Government is doubling donations to CAFOD’s Lent Appeal, at no extra cost to you, up to a total of £5 million.

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