Lent calendar prayer and reflection for 17 February

Romero Cross - CAFOD in Lent

These beautiful wooden crosses are handmade from El Salvador. Today, in our thoughts and actions, let us follow Jesus’ way of kindness and mercy

Follow me. 

Luke 5:27-32

The Lord calls Levi, a tax collector, saying, “Follow me”. Without hesitating, Levi leaves everything behind to follow him.

As a tax collector, Levi was left out of society. He was thought of as greedy and sinful, as some didn't agree with paying tax to the Romans.

But Levi’s life is transformed when he meets Christ. He throws a generous banquet in his home, and invites his neighbours to dine with him.

Are we willing to leave our sinful ways behind to follow Jesus? We can give up gossip and judging others, and take up our cross by the love we show to our neighbours.

Today through our thoughts and actions, let us remember to follow Jesus’ way of kindness and mercy.

Lent prayer

Forgive us, Lord, for the times we turn away from you. Guide us to follow your way of light, truth and peace. Amen.


Listen to the small, still voice of calm today and do something to help your neighbour. On your way home, stop to have a chat with someone who might be lonely. Or bring a warm cup of tea to a person sleeping on the street. Or you could order a Lent collection box and ask your family to save a small amount each Friday as part of your Lenten fast.   

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