Lent calendar prayer and reflection for 19 March

Sandy, who coordinates a project called Youth Resolve in Lebanon, funded by the EU MADAD trust fund

Sandy, who coordinates a project called Youth Resolve in Lebanon, funded by the EU MADAD trust fund. 

Every year Jesus’ parents went to Jerusalem for the Festival of the Passover.

Luke 2:41

Today is the feast of St Joseph, patron saint of workers.

Joseph was a carpenter. But he was also entrusted with a far more important job – taking care of Jesus and Mary.

So, how terrible must Joseph have felt on the way home from a family visit to Jerusalem when he discovered that Jesus was missing? And how relieved and uplifted when, after three days’ searching, he and Mary found Jesus safe and sound?

What tasks do you feel has God entrusted to you? How are they going?

Time to step up 

Sandy is an experienced Caritas worker in our global network. She coordinates a project called Youth Resolve in Lebanon, funded by the EU MADAD trust fund.

The project gathers young people from Lebanese and Syrian communities to do activities, learn life skills and receive leadership training together. In turn, they share these skills with the community, for example with younger children in schools and holiday camps.

Lebanon is hosting well over a million Syrian refugees. Sandy says this has created tension:

“Because the Lebanese already have their own problems and their own economic challenges, the situation became more tense when the Syrians came here.”

Yet Sandy is encouraged by her work with young people and their inclusive attitude:

“It’s a war and it’s not fair. And all the youth know this. They consider there are people coming from other countries seeking for help and they disregard all the differences… we are all human and we all need help.”

Lent prayer

Christ Jesus, you call us to stand with you, to show our faith in all that we do. Lead me now to put your love into action in my life, faithful to the tasks you have entrusted to me. Amen.


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