Lent calendar prayer and reflection for 22 March

Human Rights Defender - CAFOD in Lent

We have disguised Sara's identity to help keep her safe

They picked up stones to throw at him.

John 8:51-59

Jesus is persecuted for speaking the truth. He tries to explain he is sent by God. But the people don’t want to hear any more. “Now we know for certain that he is possessed,” they say. Angrily, they throw stones and chase him away.    

It takes great courage to speak the truth when all around there’s fear and hatred.

Sara (not her real name) works at a refugee shelter run by our partner, Caritas Lebanon.

The shelter is a safe house for vulnerable refugees – mainly women and girls who have suffered gender-based violence. Some of the women and children have fled abusive partners or parents, forced prostitution or forced marriage.

We have changed Sara’s name and cannot share her photograph because the cases she deals with are too sensitive.

“I get a lot of threats,” says Sara. “People ask me why I do this. Sometimes I find it hard to express it, I love this work. I am very happy when I go home and feel I am helping someone.”

We pray for Sara and all those who work bravely to defend the most vulnerable.

Lent prayer

God of justice, give us the courage, we pray, to speak your truth. We pray for our sisters around the world who are trafficked. May we work together to build your kingdom, where every enslaved person is set free. Amen.


Please pray for all those caught up in conflict situations, that God may lead them on the path of truth.

Pray Your kingdom Come

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