Lent calendar prayer and reflection for 23 March

14-year-old Jodie inspires fellow parishioners to learn more about the impacts of climate change.

14-year-old Jodie inspires fellow parishioners to learn more about the impacts of climate change.

No more will the sound of weeping or the sound of cries be heard in her; in her, no more will be found the infant living a few days only, or the old man not living to the end of his days.

Isaiah 65:19-20

This is one of the scriptural texts fundamental to CAFOD’s work. It inspires what we do and describes a world we hope to see.

A world where babies are born safely to healthy mothers with enough food and clean water.

A world where families are protected from conflict and are not forced to leave their homes.

A world where people can enjoy fruitful older years, confident that the hopes and dreams of their children and grandchildren may well come true.

A girl with vision

Jodie is a girl with a vision. With support from her parish CAFOD volunteer, 14-year-old Jodie organised a series of events to help her Driffield community learn more about the effects of climate change and environmental devastation.

She explains: “There are droughts and flooding and people are suffering. Litter travels to the other side of the world just to be dumped in the poorest countries. It’s not fair.

“I want to help. I want my parish to help me to help.”

Jodie made a huge poster for the church hall and got the children’s group to play environment-themed games. Then she organised a plant and produce sale, including information stalls on the effects of climate change.

She told us that both old and young got involved: “Our youngest church reader, who is seven years old, taught us to recycle plastic to make bird feeders.”

Jodie’s efforts also helped to install a disabled ramp at her church: “Many of our friends are old and frail, others have disabilities and some use wheelchairs. We had a problem as there are steps into our church.”

The proceeds of the plant sale were divided between the disabled ramp and CAFOD. Jodie is helping to make her own world a better and fairer place for everyone.

Lent prayer

Lord, may the tears of those who suffer be wiped from their eyes by the compassion and love of their neighbours and friends. May I, through my Lenten prayer and actions, support work towards a better world for all. Amen


Following Jodie’s example, what can you do to work towards a better world or to help others in your local community?

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