Lent calendar reflection for 25 February – Second Sunday of Lent

A family in Zimbabwe

Tabeth used to struggle without food, but now she is a woman transformed

There in their presence he was transfigured: his clothes became dazzlingly white.

Mark 9:2-10

Jesus is transformed on the mountain. His friends look with awe, as his clothes shine as brightly as the sun.  

Tabeth, 30, lives in Zimbabwe. Her life until now has been an uphill struggle. She relied on her plot of land to grow crops and earn a living. But for a long time, she struggled to grow enough food due to the lack of rain. This worried her deeply. 

“It’s painful to live without food,” Tabeth explains. “Your body gets thin. I felt sick. I used to boil one cup of maize for the whole family. This was all we had to eat, for the whole day. My children didn’t go to school because they were hungry.”

Breaking free from hunger

Tabeth has worked hard to turn her life around. She worked with our partner, Caritas Gokwe, to learn how to grow crops even in the dry season. Thanks to new farming techniques, the crops grow better even in difficult conditions. The garden has also brought her closer to other farmers in her village, so she always has someone to turn to.

Tabeth is now a woman transformed. She says, “Now if you look at me, you can see I’m someone who’s healthy with a lot of food. My body tells it all. Even my clothes. My body feels free. I can’t even express it. My children are going to school because they’re no longer hungry.”

Just as Jesus' face shines like the sun, so Tabeth's light shines in her village. 

Lent prayer

God bless our food. In Jesus’ name. Amen. (Tabeth’s prayer)


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