Lent calendar prayer and reflection for 25 March - The Annunciation of the Lord

Rosa and her youngest daughter hold up the large carrots that they have just picked from the garden

Rosa and her youngest daughter pick the carrots they have grown

‘“I am the handmaid of the Lord,’ said Mary, ‘let what you have said be done to me.’” 

Luke 1:26-38

Today is the Feast of the Annunciation of the Lord, when Mary was visited by the Angel Gabriel and told she would bear a son.  

Mary’s faith is so striking in this passage. She doesn’t hesitate to answer the Lord’s call and say “yes” to what is being asked of her.  

We know that change can be scary and difficult to accept. And yet, here is Mary agreeing to have her life turned upside down to give birth to the Son of God.  

Often it is the most daunting leaps of faith or changes of direction which yield the most fruit. How did Mary find the courage to say yes to God? 

The courage to change

Rosa lives in Bolivia and has been part of a farming project for two years. At first she wasn’t convinced. She didn’t see what difference the new farming techniques could make and worried it might mean that she would grow even less food. 

But Rosa was brave and she persevered. She says: 

“I wasn’t very motivated to take part because I thought any work I did would be in vain. But now we see potatoes growing in land that previously had nothing. I feel good because the project has given us a lot.  

“We needed someone to push us forward. We wouldn’t even have thought of doing things differently.” 

Rosa trusted in our local experts working in her community. They have helped her to grow much more food for her family. She used to think about moving away to another area, but now she plans to stay. Her faith has led her to a better life. 

How can you follow the examples of Our Lady and of Rosa and have faith and courage this Lent? How can you say “yes” to what God is calling you to do? 

Lent prayer

God of miracles, grant me courage, for with you nothing is impossible. Help me to listen to your call, to have faith and make changes, so that together with others we can all build a better future. Amen. 


On this feast of Our Lady, spend two minutes watching our Queen of All Creation reflection with beautiful words by Pope Francis.

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