Lent calendar prayer and reflection for 26 March

Rosana holds a board saying "Peace is love".

Rosana's uncle was killed in a massacre in the town where she lives. She believes young people must take responsibility for building peace in Colombia

“Peter went up to Jesus and said, ‘Lord, how often must I forgive my brother if he wrongs me? As often as seven times?’” 

Matthew 18:21-35

God is merciful towards us, offering forgiveness for all our sins. But God expects us to be merciful and compassionate to others as well.  

Like the servant, let off by his master, who should then have forgiven his fellow servant, we are called to treat others as we wish to be treated.  

In a world troubled by conflict, this message is even more important. As society becomes more divided and polarised, we must look to the things that unite us rather than divide us. 

Breaking the cycle of violence

This does not mean we all have to agree with one another, that everyone must hold the same opinion. But that we should seek to forgive misunderstandings, rather than lash out in pain and hurt. Otherwise the cycle of violence continues.  

Holding other people down or at a distance does not help us to feel better. It doesn’t free us from our pain or our misery. Rather, like the servant in Jesus’ parable, it can imprison us in our guilt.  

So instead of blaming others for the situation that we all find ourselves in, we could try to work together to try and find solutions. 

In this way, we hope and pray that we may all live in peace, filled with God’s mercy and love.

Lent prayer

Forgiving God, lead me to forgive others. Guide us all with your love so that together we may build a more peaceful and just world. Amen. 


Become an MP Correspondent and do what you can to encourage our elected leaders to find solutions and build unity rather than division. Let them know what is important to you and support them to build a more peaceful and just world.  

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