Lent calendar prayer and reflection for 27 March

Tayab Ali with his family in Bangladesh CAFOD Lent

Tayab Ali, 62, lives with his family in Bangladesh

Jesus was troubled in spirit. “My little children, I shall not be with you much longer.”

John 13: 21-33, 36-38

Saint John tells us that “Jesus was troubled in spirit” whilst he was at supper with his disciples. He knows Judas is about to betray him. And Jesus is about to leave all of his friends, whom he loves and cares for deeply. We may feel compassion for Jesus as we think about him sitting at the table.

In Jesus’ words, we hear the voice of a father, pouring out his love for his dear children.

Tayab Ali, 62, is a father of five who lives in Bangladesh. He lives in a small village near the Bay of Bengal. His home is vulnerable to flooding, cyclones, and the effects of climate change. These threats play constantly on his mind.

This father works incredibly hard to provide for his family. He pulls a rickshaw in the sweltering heat, earning 300 Taka (£3) a day. He wakes at 5 in the morning and returns home at 11 at night.

“All my battles in my life are only for the better future of my children,” he says. “I want to see them going to universities and doing a well-paid job. I don’t want them to pull a rickshaw.”

Tayab Ali’s story echoes God’s sacrifice for each one of us, his sons and daughters.

Lent prayer

O Lord, you nurture, protect and guide us. All life springs from you. In your mercy, forgive us the times we deny you our thanks for all that you give us. Amen.  


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