Lent calendar prayer and reflection for 31 March - Fourth Sunday of Lent

Mahinur sits with her husband and son. Her son Rabiul is laughing and Mahinur smiles with him.

Mahinur (right) with her son, Rabiul, and her husband

“While he was still a long way off, his father saw him and was moved with pity. He ran to the boy, clasped him in his arms and kissed him tenderly.’’

Luke 15:1-3, 11-32

The story of the Prodigal Son has a very real and human feel to it.  

The son who is impatient to leave home but wastes all his money and has to work on a pig farm. The other son, who is angry at how his brother is received with open arms and a grand celebration, whilst he feels unappreciated.  

As we journey through Lent, it can feel like a long time until Easter. Maybe we have already been making a genuine effort to change, to learn new habits. Perhaps we have given up something we really like and it’s hard to keep going!  

This parable brings us hope. Because God the Father sees us whilst we are still a long way off. And we know that God is love, compassion and mercy. 

Mothering Sunday

Perhaps we have got caught up on what we have been doing wrong, rather than focusing on God’s love for us. Today is Mothering Sunday, when we remember all the good things our mothers have done for us, out of love.  

If we are lucky, then there is nothing like the look on our mother’s face when we come to visit. There is nothing she wouldn’t do for us. Perhaps the father’s expression in this story is something like that too. 

In Bangladesh, Mahinur is working hard to make sure that her disabled son has enough to eat. Her husband is also disabled and can’t work. Can we pray especially for her today, as well as our own mothers on Mothering Sunday?

Lent prayer

Loving God, sometimes I struggle and feel far away from you. Yet you are always with me and your love surrounds me like a mother’s. May I take courage and hope from knowing that I am so loved. Amen.


Watch this video about Mahinur's son and the challenges that they face as a family. 

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