Lent calendar prayer and reflection for 5 March

Chiri collecting water with donkeys CAFOD Kenya Lent

Chiri walked for over two hours to collect water, Kenya

Like the deer that yearns for running streams, so my soul is yearning for you, my God.

Psalms 41:2-3; 42:3-4. R. Ps 41:3

Today’s psalm is a pure and beautiful song of longing for God.

Let us ask for the grace to thirst for the Lord, the source of life. Our spiritual thirst brings us closer to our sisters and brothers who are without water.  

In the dry and dusty plains of Marsabit, northern Kenya, communities are witnessing the devastating effects of a lack of rain.

Chiri Okotu reaches the water trough in Balessa town. This water is so precious and vital. Chiri has walked for over two hours in the soaring heat to get here. She sits down, exhausted. 

She lets her donkeys drink water first, and she listens as they lap water thirstily. Now it is her turn. She pushes her jug into the water and feels how it swirls around her. For a brief moment, she closes her eyes and feels at peace. It is a relief to have made it this far. 

Chiri remembers she must return to her village. She will walk along the rocky road with her donkeys, laden with heavy containers. She will share the water out among the children, women and elders who are too weak to have made this journey. 

We pray for all our sisters and brothers who thirst. Let us pray that, together, we may be witnesses to life and hope.

Lent prayer

Our God of Mercy, we thank you for this good day when we met with our brothers and sisters from CAFOD. I pray that you send us rain for our animals to survive so that we can enjoy the fruit of the land. For all things are possible with you God. Amen.
(A prayer by Tiapukel Swakei Mutonka, Kenya) 


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