Lent calendar prayer and reflection for 7 April

Sister Consilia Munkuli, pharmacist at Mtora Mission Hospital in Zimbabwe.

Sister Consilia Munkuli, pharmacist at Mtora Mission Hospital in Zimbabwe. 

The Lord called me before I was born, from my mother’s womb he pronounced my name.

Isaiah 49:1

God knows each of us by name. Even before we are born, we are loved and cherished.

God has a plan for us and, like a loving parent, wants us to survive and flourish.

Every life is precious

When our team spoke to Sister Juliana, a nurse in Zimbabwe, she described the difference her staff have been able to make to the lives of others through the clinic that she manages: “If we were not here, there is nowhere for them.”

“A mother came yesterday. She needed to deliver her baby. She was ready. She gave birth to a baby girl. A beautiful baby girl!”

The 29-year-old mother, Maisie, is HIV-positive, so Sister Juliana’s support during the birth was absolutely vital.

“If we hadn’t been here, Maisie would have died… She wouldn’t have stopped bleeding. The child would also not get medication in time, so the child would be infected as well.”

Thanks to Sister Juliana and her team at the clinic, Maisie’s baby is HIV-free and doing well. The work of the clinic has also meant that the number of deaths from malaria has dropped. The team hand out nets, check pregnant women for malaria and educate them to help prevent the disease, along with providing medication.

This World Health Day, let us pray for all who are sick and for the tireless workers who support them.


God our Father, you knew each one of us by name before you formed us in the womb.  Every life is unique and precious to you. Work through me so that I can be the person you know and want me to be, helping those around me. Through your grace may all people flourish and reach their potential. Amen.


Can you stand alongside those in need of care and give to our Lenten appeal to help mums like Maisie?

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