Lent calendar prayer and reflection for 8 March

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Howard, 27, lives in Liberia. He is learning how to be a positive leader for young people in his community

O that today you would listen to his voice! ‘Harden not your hearts.’

Psalm 94:1-2,6-9. R. v.6

In today’s psalm, God calls us to a change of heart. In these beautiful words, we hear of a people who long to change their ways:

“Come let us kneel before the God who made us, for he is our God and we the people who belong to his pasture.” 

We recognise that we are far from perfect. Let us turn back to God with humble hearts and seek forgiveness.

“Harden not your hearts”

Howard, 27, lives in a house made of clay and sticks in Liberia, West Africa. He owns a small business and sells goods for his family. But life wasn’t always easy.

“I used to be a person of hot temper. I used to fight my girlfriend and my brothers whenever they made me angry before complaining about them to my father. Fighting was the only way I knew to satisfy myself.”

Thanks to CAFOD’s partner, Howard is learning how to build peace and be a positive leader for young people in his community. He now has great hope for the future.   

“The training is changing my life,” he says. “I learnt that fighting is not the way to solve problems. My people now respect me, and I feel very proud that family members look up to me.”  

Lent prayer

God our Shepherd, may we never stop believing in your love for us. Change our hearts so we may walk in your light. Amen.


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