Lent calendar prayer and reflection for 9 March

Memory with her baby near water in Zimabwe- CAFOD Lent

Memory used to leave the house at night to collect water. She says, “It’s very dark here. I was afraid of being raped.”

I freed your shoulder from the burden; your hands were freed from the load. You called in distress and I saved you.

Psalm 80:6,8-11, 14, 17. R. vv.9, 11

Memory, 36, used to be in distress. Every day, she would leave her house before dawn to collect water for her family.

“We suffered because of a lack of water,” she told us. “It’s very dark here at night. I was afraid of being raped.”

But with a young family to look after, Memory had no choice but to collect water. She took her baby twins with her and left, alone and afraid, in the dark of night.  

“It was heavy carrying the babies and the water. It was very difficult. I felt a pain in my heart and in my legs. I had to rest on the journey.”

It’s hard to imagine the pain Memory went through to provide for her family. She suffered so much just to give her children clean water.

Thank you for loving your neighbour

Thanks to your compassion, the burden to collect water is lifted from Memory’s shoulders.

In Lent 2012, you gave generously to families who struggled without water. Your donations helped to bring drinking water to over 400,000 people. The water supply in Memory’s village has been repaired, bringing clean water to all her community. 

“We’re thankful for having the dam,” Memory tells us. “Now water is available whenever we want it. I don’t have to go to collect water at night. I wake and my body feels relieved. I have time to rest, wash my clothes, wash my body. I feel happy.”

We thank God for this good news. May we be encouraged to stand side by side with our neighbours, sharing each other’s burdens.

Lent prayer

God of joy, you delight in seeing your people flourish. May we let your goodness blossom like a lily, through the love we share with your people. Amen.


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