Lent reflection for 12 March

Hagos bends to tend his crops in a green field

Hagos on his farm in Ethiopia, which is now florishing thanks to the solar water pump.

“I will fall like dew on Israel. He shall bloom like the lily and thrust out roots like the poplar.”

Hosea 14:5

Today’s reading from the prophet Hosea offers a beautiful image of a watered, flourishing garden as he encourages Israel to return to the Lord. It is a vision of a God who is very close to his people, who falls like the dew on Israel bringing renewal and hope. 

It is an image that would surely speak to Ethiopian farmer Hagos, who recalls how bad things were during the years of drought. He remembers:  

“We would give the little ones more, but go without ourselves, they had to stay alive. We were stronger, so we could go without. We would drink a little only when we really had to.” 

The gift of water 

Thanks to the work of our local experts, a water pump was installed and irrigation channels created that give Hagos and his family access to fresh, clean water. They have been able to grow salad, chillies, tomatoes and cabbages. They are now thriving; the children can go to school and they can look ahead with greater confidence. 

As in Hosea’s vision, the water has brought new life and fruitfulness. As we turn to the Lord again this Lent, seeking his presence to fall on us like the dew, we have an opportunity to share his love with our brothers and sisters across the world.  

Lent prayer

Gentle God, fall on us like the dewfall. Bless each moment with your presence,  teach us to practise your generosity and seek your justice, until every person blooms in the garden of your grace. Amen. 


If you can, spend some time outside today paying special attention to the flowers and trees preparing for spring. Reflect on how we can all help restore God’s creation with this beautiful prayer.

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