Lent reflection for 15 March

Father, Adam Ali, and son, Mohammed, stand outside a house in Ethiopia, looking at the camera

Adam Ali with his son Mohammed.

“’Go home,’ Jesus said, ‘your son will live.’ The man believed what Jesus had said and started on his way.” 

John 4:50

In today’s gospel we hear of a court official making a desperate journey to ask Jesus to heal his son, who is gravely ill. He is probably a rich, powerful individual but he cannot prevent his son from dying. In his hour of need he walks the long distance from Capernaum to Cana and his faith and hope are rewarded.  

Jesus sees the official’s love for his child, and his faith, so he responds. Without even seeing the boy, Jesus announces he is healed. Though there is nothing to verify Jesus’ words, the official accepts them with deep trust.  

Worried parent 

Adam Ali of  northeast Ethiopia knows how it feels to have a sick child. As a result of drinking dirty water, his son Mohammed got a parasitical leech stuck in his throat. The family could not afford treatment.  

Mohammed, who is now 17, remembers, “I thought I might die, I was afraid. I was really afraid.” After twenty days and various attempts at cure, to the relief of everyone, the parasite finally left his body.  

Just as Jesus’ actions reveal God’s care and love, we too can show this to our needy world today. We can be alongside parents like Adam as they look after sick children. When we work to ensure each person can get the clean water and medical treatment they need, we help make God’s kingdom manifest.  

Lent prayer

God of healing, be with all those who are unwell and those who love and care for them. Inspire us to work for justice and so reveal your love to all. Amen.  


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