Lent reflection for 16 March

Ibrahim stands, facing the camera, in front of a water pump. A child collects water in the background.

50 year old Ibrahim now has access to a solar water pump.

“Wherever the river flows, all living creatures teeming in it shall live.”

Ezekiel 47:9

The central image of the readings today is water. Ezekiel offers us the wonderful image of a river, flowing from the Temple and becoming a great torrent of life, fruitfulness, blessing and healing.  

The Gospel builds on this vision of Ezekiel, presenting Jesus as the source of the water that brings fullness of life. The healing water of the pool of Bethesda is unnecessary now that Jesus is present. Jesus himself is the source of the water that brings healing and eternal life. 

The readings remind us of the importance of water; how it can cleanse, cure and bring life. 

Quenching our thirst 

Ibrahim and his family in northeast Ethiopia have experienced at first hand the difficulties that scarcity of water brings. The 50-year-old farmer explains: “I cannot separate water from life. Without it, you can’t make a thing. You can’t separate the two – life and water; water and life.” 

A solar pump has changed everything for Ibrahim and allowed him to experience a more abundant life. 

But we still live in a thirsty world – so many people still do not have access to clean, fresh water to meet their daily needs.  This Lent is a good time for each of us to commit to quench that thirst and help all people experience a more abundant life. 

Lent prayer

We praise and thank you Lord, for the gift of water. May we always value it and ensure it is shared with our brothers and sisters throughout the world. Amen. 


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