Lent reflection for 20 February

Man and donkeys carrying water cartons

Abdella, with his donkeys, on his long walk for water.

“The Lord will always guide you, giving you relief in desert places.”

Isaiah 58:11

Abdella leaves his home in Ethiopia early in the morning, before it is fully light, to walk and collect water for his family. It is too hot to make the journey any later. By eight in the morning it is already over 40 degrees.  

He walks along a dried-out riverbed, then climbs into the mountains. He goes down into a valley, then climbs another mountain, until he reaches the water.  

There he fills his jerry cans, taking them back down one at a time to where his donkeys are waiting, before he begins the long walk home. 

Abdella says, “I don’t have any more words to express how hard this is. I’m so tired, I’m struggling to give you words. The journey for water is so long.” 

Without water, he cannot make plans for his future.  

This Lent let us walk alongside Abdella, and the millions of other people like him who do not have access to safe drinking water.  

Let us do what we can to make a difference, to bring relief in these desert places, so that people do not have to spend all their time walking to collect water and can instead concentrate on making their hopes a reality.  

Lent prayer

Lord, pour out your Spirit upon us and lead us to walk alongside one another in solidarity and love. Together may we reshape the world, so no one goes thirsty. Amen.  


Today, hundreds of people across England and Wales are walking in solidarity with Abdella and all those who have to journey to collect clean water.  

It’s not too late to join them on our virtual Big Walk for Water!  

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