Lent reflection for 22 February

A dry, barren valley.

Drone footage of the Danakil Depression in Ethiopia.

“For I was hungry and you gave me food; I was thirsty and you gave me drink.”

Matthew 25:35

Today’s gospel reading is quite a call to action, and not one that always feels comfortable. 

Each time that we reach out to someone who is hungry, thirsty, sick or imprisoned, we are growing closer to Christ himself. 

This can feel pretty daunting. We may feel unable to help. We may not think we have the time, money, skills or resources.  

But Christ’s call in this gospel is not about being an expert, or even about solving every problem. It is about recognising him in each person we meet and treating that person with dignity and respect. It is about listening to each other and trying to help in whatever way we are able.   

No one beyond reach 

At CAFOD, we believe that no one should be beyond reach of the love and support that they need.  

Hagos lives in northern Ethiopia and knows what it is like to struggle to get enough water. He says: “The most challenging thing growing up here and all my life has been drought. After the 2010 drought we struggled for seven years. There was no rain. Our whole community was in a really bad situation.”  

But now, thanks to your support, Hagos’ community has new water pumps, meaning they have enough to drink and to grow and water their crops. He adds, “Our lives have changed.” 

Each time we meet someone or hear their story from across the world, it touches us, and has the potential to change both our lives.  

And so today, let us try to recognise Christ in everyone we meet and to treat them accordingly. 

Lent prayer

Christ Jesus, may I recognise your face in all people that I meet. Inspire me to reach out to all who are hungry, thirsty, sick or imprisoned. Amen.  


Find out more about CAFOD and how our work started thanks to the commitment of a group of Catholic women to live out their faith.

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