Lent reflection for 22 March World Water Day

A dry, barren valley.

Drone footage of the Danakil Depression in Ethiopia.

“If I should walk in the valley of darkness, no evil would I fear.”

Psalm 22:4

Abdella’s walk to fetch water in the northeast  Ethiopia takes place in a dramatic landscape. There are rocky escarpments and steep inclines.  

The 23-year-old walks through the dried-out riverbed, climbs into the mountains, then down into a valley, before climbing a little way up another mountain to reach the water. It would be easy to slip and fall on the jagged rocks, injuring or even killing himself.  

He says, “The journey is difficult – we have to climb up and down a lot. It’s not easy and yes, it can be dangerous. Even without a load on my back it is hard.”  

When he arrives at the water source, it is little more than a puddle. The water quality is poor and can make them sick.  

Abdella is not alone in making this exhausting journey through the valley. Women and children do it too. The round trip, which Abdella must make twice, takes five hours. Every day. 

On this World Water Day, we hold all people like Abdella in our prayers. We pray that they may no longer have to walk so far through the valleys and mountains to find water. We pray that all our sisters and brothers in need throughout the world may have clean water to quench their thirst and feed their crops. 

Lent prayer

O Lord, my shepherd, walk with me through the difficult times. Revive my spirit and lead me to reach out in love, so that all your people may have clean water to quench their thirst. Amen.  


Hear Abdella speak about his journey for water in this video.

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