Lent reflection for 23 February

Man next to solar panels

Ibrahim, next to the solar panels.

“They call and the Lord hears and rescues them in all their distress.” 

Psalm 33:17

Today we are reminded of the importance of prayer. In the psalm, we hear that the Lord will answer those who call to him.  

Ibrahim is a 50-year-old farmer living in northeast Ethiopia. He says, “Every day, first thing in the morning, we prayed and hoped for water. We suffered every day and thought about water every day. There was a struggle every day. But God was with us, so we were helped.” 

Now Ibrahim has a solar pump near his house. His life and that of his family and community has been transformed.  

“When the water pump was installed, everyone was so happy. We thanked God and the organisation for helping us.”  

God will answer 

The answers to our prayers are not always so clear-cut. Sometimes we may feel like we have not been answered, or we may not receive the response that we were looking for. 

Yet, in the gospel today, Jesus reminds us: “Your Father knows what you need before you ask him.” (Matthew 6:8) 

This Lent, let us try to hold onto this thought. God knows what we need and God will answer.  

As we pray, let us try to open our hearts to what God wants for us. Let us really listen and be guided by him, so that through our actions, we ourselves may be the answer to someone’s prayers.  

Lent prayer

Loving God, I lay before you all my distress, remembering that you already know what I need. Work through me so that I may respond to the distress of others. Amen.  


Spend some quiet time reflecting with our Lent prayers today

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