Lent reflection for 25 March - The Annunciation of the Lord

Lurvin, an expectant mother in El Salvador, surrounded by plants outside. She is touching her bump.

An expectant mother in El Salvador.

“‘I am the handmaid of the Lord,’ said Mary, ‘let what you have said be done to me.’” 

Luke 1:38

The angel appears to Mary and tells her that she is to become a mother, that she will give birth to the Son of God. 

This must have come as a huge shock to her, and yet she puts aside her own concerns and focuses on what God wants of her. She says yes to all that is asked.  

Often we can fall into the trap of thinking that following God’s will means denying ourselves good things. We become so caught up in what we want out of life, we forget to reflect on what God wants for us.  

In fact, it is the way to live a full and dignified life. If we let God in, and open our hearts to follow him, we will be filled with joy. Just as Mary was when she sang her song of praise in the Magnificat.  

In Fratelli Tutti, Pope Francis writes, “the gap between concern for one’s personal well-being and the prosperity of the larger human family seems to be stretching to the point of complete division between individuals and human community” (#31). 

So today, let us take some time to stop and listen to what God is asking of us. Let us set aside our own interests and concerns for a moment and reflect: 

Is there room in my heart for others? For the larger human family, especially my brothers and sisters who are poor? 

Am I willing to say “yes” to what God is asking of me? 

Lent prayer

Loving God, may I trust in you and always be willing to answer your call. Open my heart to your will and to reach out to others in need, for I know nothing is impossible to you. Amen. 

Hail Mary…  


Pray today that we may be inspired by Our Lady to answer God’s call.

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