Lent reflection for 26 March

A woman stands outside a house, surrounded by debris from a storm

Destruction wrecked by a storm.

“The waves of death rose about me; the torrents of destruction assailed me.” 

Psalm 17:4

In today’s psalm, you can feel the terror of the person writing, as they face death and destruction.  

Last November, the people of the Philippines were hit by two record-breaking typhoons within a fortnight, which caused disastrous flooding and landslides.  

In Latin America, hurricanes Eta and Iota battered countries across the region causing many deaths, leading to the evacuation of hundreds of thousands of families. 

Local emergency experts in Nicaragua said, “When rivers overflowed, it flooded hundreds of families and caused massive damage. Many families are now in need of water, food and help to begin to rebuild their communities.”   

But despite the devastation, help was at hand. In the Philippines, the local Church coordinated with faith-based organisations and government departments to deliver aid to affected families. Meanwhile in Latin America, local aid experts worked to support those affected.  

In his terror, the psalmist calls out to God, and God, our refuge, our mighty help, hears his voice.  

How do we offer refuge to those facing natural disasters today? How do we respond to the cries of those in need?  

Lent prayer

God, our refuge, we hold before you all those who have faced the destruction of the storm. Grant comfort to those who mourn, healing to those who are injured, and strengthen us all as we work together to rebuild once more. Amen.  


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