Lent reflection for 27 March

 Garmah and her children outside their house in Liberia

Garmah and her four children outside the family's home

“I will turn their mourning into joy, I will console them, give gladness for grief.”

Jeremiah 31:13

So many of us have been touched by grief in the last year. We may have been confronted with the death of loved ones, the loss of our jobs and our normal way of living, and we have not been able to comfort one another in person. 

For some, this time has brought the added worry of financial uncertainty, even the threat of homelessness.  

In many countries, women have to battle to keep their home when they are widowed and may face eviction by their late husband’s family.  

In Liberia, Garmah and her four children faced just such a situation when her husband died, because she thought she had no legal rights to her married home.  

A place to rest their head 

But thanks to your support, our local experts helped her to prove that she did have a right to the property. Garmah and her children can now live safely in the family home without the threat of eviction hanging over them.  

“I feel my children have a place to rest their head and I can make a garden to feed them and myself. God sent redeemers to fight for my land rights. I am overfilled with joy.”  

As our Lenten journey nears its conclusion, we pray that all who are mourning may find consolation. May the pain of our own grief be eased and may we be inspired to reach out and offer comfort to others who grieve in turn.  

Lent prayer

God of hope, bring comfort to those who mourn and work through us so that we might shine a light of hope in the darkest of times. Amen.  


For those who mourn, watch our two-minute prayer about finding a way through the darkness, into an Easter resurrection of hope.

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