Reflection for 4 April: Easter Sunday

3 adults and a child, all happy, inside a house in Ethiopia.

Hagos and his family at home.

“Then the other disciple who had reached the tomb first also went in; he saw and he believed.” 

John 20:8

Imagine the emotions that the disciples must have gone through in the short space of today’s gospel, on that first Easter day. 

Horror or fear that someone had moved the body of Jesus. Confusion as they saw the empty tomb and the cloths lying on the ground. Wonder, awe and joy as they finally realised what all this meant – that Christ was risen from the dead. 

A time for renewal 

We give thanks today that through the power of the resurrection all things have been made new.  

We pray that this renewal may inspire us to do what we can to bring about a change for better in our own lives and in our world.  

Knowing that nothing is impossible for God, who defeated death itself, we rejoice and are glad. We are filled with hope, that we can make a difference.  

As we celebrate Christ’s resurrection today, we praise him for his glory. 

Christ is risen. Alleluia!  

Easter Sunday prayer

Risen Lord, as we celebrate your resurrection today, we give you thanks for your glory. Fill our hearts with your love, so that we too may renew the face of the earth. Amen.  


Thank you for all your prayers and support for the work of CAFOD throughout Lent. Without you, none of our work would be possible.  

Use our Easter prayers as you celebrate this season of joy, hope and new life. 

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