Lent reflection for 5 March

Abba Tesfalem bends down, as his young son uses a pick on the dry farmland

Abba Tesfalem and his son work on their farmland. 

“I tell you, then, that the kingdom of God will be taken from you and given to a people who will produce its fruit.” 

Matthew 21:43

In the parable that Jesus tells today, the tenants take more than their share. When harvest time comes, they want to keep it all for themselves.  

Like them, we often act as though we can take what we want without consequence. The riches and the beauty of the earth that God has given us are laid waste in our desire to consume more and more.  

We take things at a faster rate than they can recover and we fail to share the gifts of creation with all our brothers and sisters.  

The price of climate change 

It is the most vulnerable communities who are paying the price as the climate changes.  

As Abba Tesfalem says, “When I was young… the rain came at fixed times, normal times. We knew when it would come. We used to grow crops like wheat and chillies easily because we knew when the rains would come and when to plant.” 

But this has now changed. “The climate and environment is totally different now. Back then it was very fertile. Now, things are worrying… There is a shortage of water here. A real shortage of water.” 

It is time to restore our relationship with the rest of creation, to reimagine our future and to prevent the climate crisis from getting any worse.  

As we work together in this way, we pray that we may produce the fruits of the kingdom.  

Lent prayer

Creator God, forgive us for the times we have taken more than we need. Restore our relationships with each other and with the earth. Work through us to produce your fruit. 


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