Lent calendar prayer and reflection for 6 March

A group of the women who make up the Chileya community garden group, with some children and tools

The Chileya community garden group in Zimbabwe.

“While he was still a long way off, his father saw him and was moved with pity.”

Luke 15:20

The parable of the prodigal son reminds us of God’s compassion and mercy. We are also reminded in today’s psalm that God doesn’t just act compassionately and lovingly, but that God is compassion and love. 

God does not find it hard to love us, to forgive us. Love is just who God is. We are created from this love, called to love God and one another.  

But as the two brothers in the parable show, this is not a task that we always find easy. The first squanders the father’s generosity. He acts selfishly, causing hurt to his family and ultimately to himself.  

The older brother, meanwhile, is jealous. He finds it hard to rejoice in his brother’s return, concerned only with what he feels they each deserve, and confused by his father’s generosity and mercy. He sees his brother’s gain as his loss.  

We have all behaved like one brother or the other on occasion. Yet we hope that God, who is compassion and love, will be merciful towards us.  

So we seek forgiveness for the times we have thought only about our own wants, and not considered the needs of others. As well as for the times we have not been able to bring ourselves to share in someone else’s joy. 

We seek to change – to recognise all people as our sisters and brothers, with a shared humanity. We pray that we may work together in a spirit of compassion, not competition.  

Lent prayer

Lord, you are compassion and love. Forgive my wrongdoing and lead me to be merciful and loving to my sisters and brothers throughout the world. Amen. 


Reach out in compassion to your brothers and sisters around the world. Give to our Lent appeal.


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