Lent reflection for 7 March

Five CAFOD representatives outside 10 Downing Street with a petition

CAFOD staff and volunteers hand it a petition at Number 10.

“Stop turning my Father’s house into a market.” 

John 2:16

Today’s gospel reading takes place just before Passover. The annual Passover celebration is one of the most important to the Jewish people and Jerusalem would have been packed for the occasion.  

People flocked to the Temple and poor pilgrims were often exploited by those who sold animals for sacrifice and changed their coins into Temple currency to pay the Temple tax. Furthermore, this noisy marketplace happened in the area where the women and the gentiles were required to worship. 

Jesus sees what is happening and acts decisively – driving all these merchants out of the Temple. Like the prophets before him, we see Jesus’ anger when the rights of the marginalised and poor are disregarded. In doing so he challenges the very system of injustice. 

CAFOD too seeks to challenge unjust systems that cause poverty and hunger. Speaking out for justice goes hand in hand with our work overseas to help vulnerable families and communities to flourish. One example of this is our work on debt cancellation, which seeks to ensure that in this time of coronavirus pandemic, poorer countries do not have to choose between spending money on health care or paying off their debts

Lent prayer

Lord Jesus, you invite me to follow in your footsteps. Help me to share your outrage at injustice in the world. Give me the courage to speak out and take action when I see people being exploited. Amen


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