Prayers on the care of creation

Use our prayer resources to pray for the care of the earth, our common home.

"The entire material universe speaks of God’s love, his boundless affection for us. 
Soil, water, mountains:  everything is, as it were, a caress of God."

Laudato Si' #84

Praised Be

A prayer inspired by the papal encyclical ‘Laudato Si’

Living God,
have mercy on us,
for the times we forget
that we belong to each other.
You call us to be still,
to hear the whisper of our Sister Wind,
to feel the radiance of our Brother Sun,
and to be nourished by our Mother Earth.
Renew us in your healing love.
Inspire us to water the earth,
and nurture one another,
so all may flourish.
Together, as one family,
may we always sing your praise.
Through Christ our Lord,
Rachel McCarthy/CAFOD

Called to your table

You said: “Let there be”,
And so there was.
Creation awakened.
Reaching towards you,
life sang your praises.
Each seed, each atom
replied to your calling;
each plant, each creature
- knowing, unasking.

You said: “Let them live”,
and so we did.
Creation: abundant,
reaping the harvest,
called to your table.
Each man, each woman
joined in the feasting,
each son, each daughter
- praising, rejoicing.

You said: “Let them share”,
and how we fail.
Creation: unbalanced.
wasting, destroying,
we take from others.
Keeping, withholding,
we fail to notice
each man, each woman
- hungering, weeping.

We say: “Let us learn”,
and so we must.
Creation: restored.
Giving and taking:
to each life sufficient.
Each to another,
filled with your bounty
each prayer, each answer
- Building, remaking.

Claud Mba/CAFOD

For the love of

Creator God,
You show us what love is
through the beauty of the earth
and the gift of your Son.

For the love of…
animal and plant
mountain and forest
sea and city
woman and man
friend and family
those who live far from us
and those yet to be born.

Move us to live more simply,
to protect the earth
and to speak up for those in need.

Sarah Hagger-Holt/CAFOD

Prayer to the Holy Spirit

O Holy Spirit, you hovered over the deep at the dawn of creation.

You fashioned time and space itself in the initial magnificent flaring forth.

You breathed life into all beings and you continue to dwell and work in all
creation to sustain that life.

Be with us now at this critical moment of our history.

Open our ears to the cry of the earth, suffering the effects of human
exploitation and unbridled consumption.

Open our ears to the cries of our brothers and sisters living in the midst of
extreme poverty and hunger.

Give us a deeper awareness that we are part of all that you have made,
that we are intimately connected to all that has been, all that is and all that will

Grant us a spirit of awe and wonder as we contemplate the marvels of your
creation, recognising and giving thanks for your presence within and around

Give us a deep respect for all life and help us to renew our commitment to
foster life wherever we are.

Give us the courage to denounce all that disfigures your creation and to
commit fully to caring for our earthly home and for all the created beings we
share it with.

May we live lives characterised by compassion and service and may we
embody your love in our relationships with one another and with all Creation.

Sr Gemma Corbett/CAFOD

We see you

God of light and life,
we see you in the rising sun,
the golden fields of new daffodils,
and the feel of a spring shower.
Help us to see your light reflected throughout creation.

God of compassion,
you are there with those people
who are facing the effects of a changing climate,
and are affected by floods, droughts and famine.
Show us how to be there with them too.

God of truth and justice,
you hear those people around the world,
who struggle to make their voices heard.
Open our ears and the ears of those in power
to hear the cries of those living in poverty.

God of hope,
we see you in people who refuse to give up,
who will not lose faith and keep on fighting,
for your earth and for your people.
Lift us, so that we may never lose hope.

Michaela McGuigan/CAFOD

You cry out with sorrow

God you made our
Mother Earth, who cries out with sorrow.
May the wonder of your creation be revealed to us:
water that gives life, not destruction
crops sown, not destroyed
pure air to breathe, not polluted.

Renew in us a respect for the magic of
a tiny seed
a flowing waterfall
a hovering skylark

Restore us to closeness with you.
Call us to change for you and
may your spirit cry out within us always.

Mary Clark/CAFOD

Your garden of plenty

Giver of life,
From tiny seeds and parched earth
your gentle hand grows richest fruit.
Reveal to us, Creator God, the seeds within us;
moisten the soil that our neglect has made dry.
For alone we lack the vision of your Kingdom.
Alone, we fail to recognise the hungry in our midst.
Alone, we lack the strength to fulfil your purpose.
With your inspiring love, Redeemer of all,
may the shoots of our potential break free and our hands,
voices and spirits toil in communion
so that your garden of plenty can be shared by all.
Anna Cronin-Nowakowska/CAFOD

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