Christmas family prayer resources

Christmas is nearly here!

Christmas is nearly here!

Christmas is celebrated all around the world, but it's not all turkey dinners and Christmas crackers.

Around the world, different communities have their own special ways of coming together to mark this important occasion. 

Why not try some of these customs from different countries with your family throughout this Christmas season. 

Fireworks in El Salvador

In El Salvador, people let off fireworks throughout December. However, the biggest fireworks event takes place on Christmas Eve, just before the clock strikes midnight. Cities towns and villages are filled with the noise of fireworks, music and laughter. Entire neighbourhoods come together to celebrate the birth of Jesus and the coming New Year in style. 

If you can't let off any fireworks at your house, why not make some firework artwork to remember that Jesus is the light of the world.

Lanterns in the Philippines

In the Philippines a 'parol' is a special lantern which people put up throughout the Christmas season. Most often, these lanterns are in the shape of a five-pointed star - a reminder of the star above Bethlehem. 

Why not make your own special Christmas lantern to display in your window?

Putting on a play in DRC

Christmas Eve in Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) sees most churches holding big gatherings with Nativity plays. The evening starts with the story of Creation and the play goes all the way through to Jesus' birth and beyond. They try to time the play so that Jesus' birth comes as midnight, just as Christmas Day begins. And in some churches the singing goes on until the morning. 

Can you put on a nativity play or sing some songs at home with your family to remember why we are celebrating?

Our activity sheet below offers prompts to reflect on how you can share the light of Jesus throughout the Christmas season, and a prayer to bring your family's intentions before God. 

We also have Advent family prayer resources as you prepare for Christmas.


  • Download fileChristmas family prayer resource (pdf , 331kb)

    Activities to celebrate Christmas with your family, including prompts to reflect on how you will share the light of Christ with others and a prayer to inspire you to bring your intentions before God. 

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