Christmas prayers from young people

These Christmas prayers were written by students from Cardinal Griffin Catholic College, Cannock, West Midlands.

This holy time of year

God of hope,

Let us be grateful during this holy time of year.

Help us to show generosity and love

to those who have lost their loved ones and homes.


Help us to pray for those who are persecuted for their rights and faith

Guide them with your light, bring them out of their darkness.

Guide us to be men and women for others,

So that we may all celebrate and rejoice at the coming of Christ.

Help us to be faith-filled and hopeful for the futures of all our brothers and sisters worldwide.

Help us to support each other with our generosity.


Treasured gift

O Loving God,

At this holy time of year,

We remember those who are facing hardships and ask you to fill them with strength and courage.

Let us live with humanity in our hearts.

Remind us about what we should be reflecting on namely the true meaning of Christmas,

When we celebrate the Incarnation and are reminded that you loved us so much that you sent your only Son to die for us. (Jn 3:16).

Christ is our most treasured gift, and as the Light of the World he taught us to show compassion and generosity to others.

We are called to be faith-filled and hopeful;

Men and women for others.


From stables to streets

O God of Love,

Allow us not to only mark Christmas with feasting and celebration,

But to remember those who seek asylum as fellow humans;

To act upon your Word, to love you and our neighbours as ourselves. (Mk 12:30-31)

Should we be forced to migrate or become refugees, we would hope that our global family would cherish us as our own do.


Remind us, O God of Compassion, of those who spend cold days alone and exposed to the harsh weather as your son and his family were,

From stables to the streets, deserts to stormy seas, may we reflect your benevolence.

May we be active in our own will to nurture the young and cherish all people of all races and creeds as united children of Heaven on Earth.


Men and women for others


Help us to be eloquent with our words, wise with our actions and active with our faith.

May refugees around the world be protected by your mercy and may we be men and women for others.


Beacons of light

Lord of light,

We rejoice, celebrate and reflect on your birth.

Help us to be beacons of light, to be discerning this Christmas.

We pray for all refugees and remember our global family.


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