Prayers for the Ebola crisis

Lord God, we entrust to you,

the people affected by Ebola,

the families, communities and villages.

We pray especially for the health care workers,

that you guide and protect them.

We pray that your Spirit inspire those 

researching and seeking for drugs,

medicines and health care systems

that respond to the suffering of the people.

And in the midst of this, keep us strong in faith, hope and love. 

Let the words of your Son Jesus Christ in the Our Father,

be our prayer

as we entrust ourselves and those affected by Ebola 

to your infinite and inscrutable power and love. 


Prayer: Caritas Guinea

We cry out to you

Lord Jesus,

when you walked with us on earth

you spread your healing power.


We place in your loving care

our people affected by Ebola,

in a country plagued by war.


From the forests of fear and death,

we cry out to you.

Keep us strong in faith, hope and love.


Bring relief to our sick,

console our bereaved,

protect those who care for us.


We lift our prayer to you Lord,

and trust in your infinite mercy,

as we wait for the daybreak.


Prayer: Harriet Paterson

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