Holy Week prayers

A night reflection for Maundy Thursday

Jesus arrested, judged, found guilty and condemned to die
is held captive overnight.

If I were arrested and held this night what would I be found guilty of?

That I made friends with people irrespective of their colour, creed or class….
That I shared my bread with the poor….
That my words… and actions… brought healing and forgiveness….
That I made justice and didn’t count the cost ….
That I sought the truth and then spoke of it….
That I recognised my neighbour and loved them as my very self…
That I met God along the way in the healing and forgiveness I received….
That I accepted hospitality at many different tables….
That I was changed by the lives of others….
…. and often repented my arrogance and foolishness
in encountering their wisdom …
That friends and strangers sometimes paid the price for me….
That I never sought out suffering...
….. but journeyed with it to the best of my ability...
That the love of those about me taught me to love myself before God...

You call us out of brokenness
to mend and remake your creation.
Grant us the courage to stay
with all those who are held captive this night.
In the name of Jesus who is good news, Amen.

Pat Pierce/CAFOD


Lord Jesus,
you love us with an everlasting love.
When we receive you we, we are united intimately with you.
Lord, you cherish and feed us
with the bread of heaven
and life-giving wine.
Your sacred body and precious blood,
always available and truly present in the Blessed Sacrament.
Enable us to behold you
with deep reverence and love.
We believe you, Lord Jesus Christ,
strengthen our faith.
So wonderful, this infallible miracle, so sublime.
Thankfully we adore you, love divine.

Diana Ng-Sutherland/CAFOD

Lord, I am all yours

Lord Jesus,
How kind and loving you are
to give me your sacred body and precious blood
as food for my soul.
Lord, you are so wise,
you know how weak I am
and how much I need you.
You are the bread of life,
the real drink.
You nourish me
with your divine self.
Lord, how can I thank you
for this wondrous and generous gift,
this magnificent and miraculous sacrament?
Lord, unworthy that I am,
I am all yours. 


Diana Ng-Sutherland/CAFOD

Prayer at 3 o’clock on Good Friday

Jesus, you are my Lord and my God,
you endured such pain and suffering for me,
you died for love of me.
I kneel beneath your cross
and beg for mercy.
Lord, have mercy on me, a sinner.
O blood and water flowing from your side,
sanctify and cleanse me.
Lord, I love you with all my heart
and place all my trust in you.


Diana Ng-Sutherland/CAFOD

Walk with us 

Jesus, you know what it's like
to feel abandoned
lost and afraid.

Walk with us

And show us how to walk with others,
who live in fear,
who face death 
through hunger or war.

Show us how to pray
for those we do not know
and will not meet,
but who are always loved by you.

Walk with us Jesus, Amen.

Linda Jones/CAFOD

The darkness of the tomb

Jesus, in the darkness of the tomb,
you were surrounded by love,
by grief and by fear,
as your body was prepared for burial.

Walk with us

May we feel the comfort
of your love for us.
And may we turn outwards
to share that love with others,
with the same generosity and gentle loving kindness
that you showed to all.

Walk with us Jesus, Amen.

Linda Jones/CAFOD

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