Lent prayer 2022

Small acts of love

Generous God, 
We thank you, and we praise you, 
for we are surrounded  
by your abundant gifts. 
The table you have laid is piled high, 
and yet too many people 
are turned away from the feast. 

Work through us, we pray, so that,  
as the tiny acorn  
becomes the mighty oak, 

our small acts of love may grow, 
bringing hope of a world transformed, 
where all may eat their fill.  


Children's prayer

Loving God, 

We thank and praise you 
for all the gifts you have given us. 
But in a world of plenty 
too many people go hungry. 

We pray that you may work through us, 
so our small acts of love 
make a big difference 
and everyone may have enough to eat. 


Prayer: Catherine Gorman/CAFOD

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