Novena to Saint Francis

For a world under threat

Nine brief reflections asking St Francis of Assisi to pray for us and our world, based on his beautiful Canticle of the Sun. 

This novena is a song of penitence and praise, guiding us to care for the earth and for our most vulnerable sisters and brothers, especially the Amazon peoples. They are currently under grave risk from coronavirus, given their fragile situation, often in remote locations far from government services.

Communities with whom we work are reporting a sharp increase in predatory attacks on land. People smugglers are also active and those being trafficked are in more danger than ever, having no access to healthcare.

The pandemic shows us that “we have not heard the cry of the poor and our seriously ill planet” warns Pope Francis, describing this as "a time to choose what matters and what passes away". (Urbi et Orbi, 2020)

Use these video prayers over nine days or at nine moments of personal prayer. Each has four phases: Canticle; Amazon voice; penitential prayer; plea for intercession.

Or download a text version of the prayers or a pdf colour booklet

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Prayer 1– Sun 

Prayer 2 – Night sky 

Prayer 3 – Wind and air 

Prayer 4 – Water 

Prayer 5 – Fire 

Prayer 6 – Earth 

Prayer 7 – Those who suffer 

Prayer 8 – Peace 

Prayer 9 – Creation

Prayer 1 - Sun

Prayer 2 - Night sky

Prayer 3 - Wind and air

Prayer 4 - Water

Prayer 5 - Fire

Prayer 6 - Earth

Prayer 7 - Those who suffer

Prayer 8 - Peace

Prayer 9 - Creation

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