Pentecost prayers

Come, Holy Spirit, come 

Come, Holy Spirit, come.

Come, Lord, and take over my life

you are true love, love divine.


Flowing and glowing,

brightness in my darkness,

power in my weakness,

peace in my troubled life.


What beauty and purity,

sweet fragrance and harmony

what splendour and wonder,

such joy and glory, Lord.


You are so brilliant and illuming

so caring and comforting,

so gentle and renewing

so patient and liberating,

so motherly and wise.


You are true love, divine Lord,

come and take possession of my soul.


Come, Holy Spirit, come.                                     


Diana Ng-Sutherland

Hearts ablaze

Beautiful Lord,

may we say “yes” to you

so that the Spirit in our hearts

will once again be set ablaze.


Spirit of Wisdom,

guide our actions so they tell of God’s love.


Spirit of Truth,

open our eyes to see the world as it really is.


Spirit of Power,

enthuse us to work for justice throughout the world.


Spirit of Love,

inspire us to respect the dignity of each person.


Come, Holy Spirit, fill the hearts of your faithful.

Come, Holy Spirit, fill our hearts.

Come, Holy Spirit, fill us.

Come, Holy Spirit.


Stephen Davies/CAFOD 

Listen to the blowing of the wind 

Please stop, please!


Listen to the beating of your heart.

Listen to the blowing of the wind,

the movement of the Spirit.

Be silent – said the Lord

and know that I am God.


And listen to the cry of the voiceless.

Listen to the groaning of the hungry.

Listen to the pain of the landless.

Listen to the sigh of the oppressed

and to the laughter of the children.


For that is authentic communication;

listening to the people,

living with people

dying for people.



Whirlwind Spirit 

Whirlwind Spirit of God,

Roar through our timidities and fears,

Shake the foundations of our ill-placed securities,

Sweep away the cobwebs of our apathy,

Blow down the walls that separate us, one from another.


Then into all our empty spaces, breathe

re-strengthened courage to challenge injustice,

renewed belief in the urgency of our vocation,

revitalised passion to change our lifestyles,

re-dedication to speak only words that build and unite.


Let gentle breeze and still small voice

become in us today

mighty wind and loud proclamation.

Make of us a Pentecost people! 


Kathleen O'Brien/CAFOD


Spirit of justice and community

Give us the confidence to challenge injustice

And to nurture the flame of justice until it burns brightly

And may the Spirit of justice and community

Accompany you and light your way


May this Spirit move you, heal you,

Guide you and challenge you

Call you to action and to prayer


May this passion for justice burn through you and in you

And may it warm the hearts of those around you

Encouraging hope and overcoming fear. 


Linda Jones/CAFOD

Fill us with justice

Holy Spirit, give us

tongues of fire and inspire us to

speak of justice without fear or prejudice.

Response: Fill us with justice through your Spirit, Lord


Holy Spirit, change us

so that the language of liberation may spread from our lips

as we challenge the economics of oppression.

Response: Fill us with justice through your Spirit, Lord


Holy Spirit, teach us

to understand the sufferings of workers who are

forced to labour in sweatshops round the world.

Response: Fill us with justice through your Spirit, Lord


Holy Spirit, guide us

to recognise the temptations of consumer choice

and to dedicate ourselves to universal human rights.

Make us raise our voices by shouting out loud the good news

and proclaim global justice for all.

Response: Fill us with justice through your Spirit, Lord


Tony Singleton/CAFOD

Spirit of Pentecost

Spirit of God

Enlighten our hearts and minds,

that we may see the faces of our sisters and brothers

whose labour provides us with the food we eat,

the clothes we wear and the computers, phones and washing machines we use.

Response: Spirit of God come to us.

Spirit of God

Embolden us to speak out

on behalf of those who suffer injustice,

so that they may enjoy the fruits of their labour

and have enough to feed, clothe, nurse and educate their families.

Response: Spirit of God come to us.


Spirit of God

Consume us with a passion to change our way of life.

so that we learn to put the needs of others

before our desire for more possessions at bargain prices.

Response: Spirit of God come to us.


Spirit of God

Through the witness of our lives,

standing in solidarity with all peoples,

may we spread the warmth of your love,

the light of your wisdom, and the fire of your justice,

so that all may live in peace and security. 



Sue Cooper/CAFOD

God's transforming power

God who cannot be bound

Flow into our hearts and minds

Wear down our resistance to your love

And refresh us with the spirit of your compassion


Today, as we commit ourselves once more to your work

We ask you to show us how to hold the needs of your world

At the heart of our lives

And to celebrate your many gifts with joy.


May your power transform our lives

May your Spirit set us free

And may the blessing of God,

Father, Son and Holy Spirit

Be with us all now and for ever


Linda Jones/CAFOD

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