Prayers for those who mourn

May you be held by the God of compassion
as you remember your loved ones today.

May God be with you in your sorrow,
and comfort you in your loss.

May your God, your family and your friends,
give you strength and confidence.

May your spirit be lifted, may your heart be filled with peace,
and may the light of God's promise fill you with joy and hope. 


Hold me to your heart

God of compassion,
when I feel helpless in my grief,
hold me to your heart.

God of gentleness, 
in those moments when life is dark,
keep me close to you.

God of comfort,
when I am overcome with sadness,
shelter me under your wings.

Ever-faithful God,
help me to find reassurance and hope
in these words of hope to all your people -
"Because you are precious to me,
because I love you,
there is no need to be afraid,
for I am with you." (Isaiah 43)

Margaret Lillis/CAFOD

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