Pray without ceasing for our common home

In collaboration with Christian Aid, Tearfund and others, we invite you to join a year of prayer for our common home.

From Ash Wednesday until November 2020, we’ll be praying without ceasing to renew the earth. It’s very easy to sign up, you can do it on your own, in your community or in your parish - just pick the day and the time you want to pray and sign up below.


The power of prayer

From terrible floods in the UK to fires in Australia, we are witnessing extreme weather which scientific consensus tells us is made worse by the climate crisis.

For the world’s poorest people, the impact is severe and it’s happening right now. Livelihoods are lost as crops are swept away; decades of patient development work lost overnight. We have a duty to respond.

2020 is a year of big year of international summits. It’s a chance for world leaders to put the Earth on the path to recovery. And because of this, we want to underpin the whole year in prayer for our common home.

Download our joint prayer 

Generations Unite

Why not do this with your parish as part of our 2020 campaign Generations Unite?

Pope Francis has emphasised that to solve this urgent climate crisis, we must work across the generations. So that is why we are asking people to pray and to act with young people around the world, and to unite across generations to protect our common home.

Take part in Generations Unite

Check out the map of prayer events below.


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