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CAFOD Volunteers organised a BBQ

CAFOD Volunteers organised a BBQ

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Audra: 'A way to support people back home'

parish volunteer for Catholic charity CAFOD

Audra Schlacter, parish volunteer in the Arundel and Brighton diocese

After moving to a new parish in 2014 Audra wanted to find a charity to support. She was inspired to get involved as a volunteer after hearing about CAFOD's work in Zimbabwe:

"I was born and grew up in beautiful sunny Zimbabwe, and I left at the age of 23 to travel, and work abroad. I didn’t know at the time that while I was away, my country would plummet into economic chaos and turmoil – or that it would still be ongoing. I have since made my home in the UK out of necessity, as to make a living there is challenging in every way. Volunteering for CAFOD has helped me find a way to support people back home, in some of the challenges they face. These projects mean a lot to the people back home, and it helps to know I can do something to help from so far away."


Ann and Beryl: 'An attempt to live out what Jesus told us' 

parish volunteers for Catholic charity CAFOD

Ann and Beryl have volunteered in their parish for more than 15 years

Ann and Beryl have volunteered for CAFOD in their parish for over 15 years, inspiring their fellow parishioners to support CAFOD’s work by giving, praying and taking action. Beryl told us: 

‘What motivates me? It's an attempt to live out what Jesus told us. By accident of birth I live in a rich country, and I’m grateful for the many blessings I've received in my life; supporting CAFOD is a way to give to others what I enjoy. I respect what CAFOD does and

 trust them to use money wisely, and the campaigns are relevant to the problems the world is facing. It's also a privilege to work with like-minded people for the good of others who may be in great need. Oh, and we have fun too!’

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