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CAFOD Volunteers organised a BBQ

CAFOD Volunteers organised a BBQ

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Spreading CAFOD's message in schools - Pete

CAFOD Education volunteer coordinator in the Birmingham Archdiocese

Pete, Education volunteer coordinator in the Birmingham Archdiocese

Pete is our Education Volunteer Coordinator in the Birmingham Archdiocese. He does amazing work promoting our team of school volunteers to schools across the diocese and supporting them to arrange visits to do assemblies and workshops. Despite being kept very busy with his coordinating role Pete also finds time to occasionally visit schools as well. He is a very talented musician and always tries to incorporate music into his visits when he can, which always goes down well with pupils.

‘I was due to retire from my job and saw it as a great opportunity to be involved in educating children and young people on issues of global justice. ‘I feel fortunate to have had such an inspirational and effective team to work alongside, both at the Volunteer Centre and ‘out in the field’. My experience of seeing at first hand the enthusiasm and energy of children, young people, school staff and parents in engaging with CAFOD’s messages has been a source of great joy over the past three years!’

Pete's enthusiasm, his good humour and his commitment to CAFOD is inspiring. Thank you for being such a great colleague and member of our team, Pete. 

Sharing time and talents - Rose and Alex 

Rose and Alex, School Volunteer Coordinators

Rose and Alex, School Volunteer Coordinators in Hallam diocese

Thank you to this husband and wife team! Rose and Alex cover 12 schools from Stainforth to Worksop, and they help run our Young Leaders scheme three times a year. Rose is also one of our Schools’ Volunteer Coordinators, keeping track of who’s going where and making sure we get the CAFOD message out to as many schools as possible.

It's not just what they do but how they do it; their enthusiasm and commitment to CAFOD is inspirational and infectious. No job is too small! For example, Alex came to the rescue when resources need out to parishes in a hurry and spent the afternoon touring churches as a CAFOD delivery man! A massive thank you to them both for everything they do to help CAFOD reach our brothers and sisters overseas.

Fabulous fundraisers - Mary and Shirley

CAFOD volunteers fundraising at Freshfields Market

CAFOD volunteers fundraising at Freshfields Market

Thank you to Mary Kirk and Mark and Shirley Kalinauckas, from the parish of St Edmund King and Martyr in Bungay raise funds for CAFOD at the Fressingfield Produce Market.  

The stall looks fantastic with its display of freshly-baked cakes, sausage rolls, eggs, honey and plants and vegetables; all supplied by Shirley, Mark, Mary and a core group of CAFOD supporters.

The motivation behind the stall is simple. Mary says: “We are committed to ending poverty in the developing world, combating the effects of climate change, supporting refugees and migrants, and living more simply. We want to stand in solidarity with those who have less.’’

“There’s a good footfall in Fressingfield and we are pleased to be a Catholic and CAFOD presence there.  It’s really great to be in a team and we are blessed in having people who regularly bake and give produce.”

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