School volunteers

School volunteers inspire children and young people. If you're a school volunteer and are planning an assembly or a workshop we have everything you need.

If you would like to enquire about booking a school volunteer visit email

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Training for the Terms

We will be going through all the resources in detail at our termly training and briefing days. Please try and attend one. If you can't go to the one nearest your home then feel free to attend any of the others.

Some of these resources are volunteer exclusives. You will need a password to access these. If you have forgotten your password please contact David Brinn on

Primary School visit resources

These are the resources for visits to Primary Schools for use during the Autumn Term


NB This assembly is also available to teachers so please check in advance whether they have already used it and advise them not to if you are going to use it.

Please note that the films are embedded into slides at the end of this list. Open each of these and the main assembly PowerPoint and cut and paste the slides into the appropriate places in the main presentation.

If a school has already used the Fast Day assembly, then use this one which explores the different types of work CAFOD does through the Corporal Works of Mercy

Or you can use the 3 Little Pigs assembly if the school didn't have it last year


For Key Stage One we have a new workshop

We have two workshops for Key Stage 2

For Years 3 and 4 a workshop on Special Places for Refugees.

For Years 5 and 6 the ever popular On the Move remains the focus workshop

Laudato Si'

Once again we are offering schools the chance to take part in our popular Laudato Si' workshops and gain the CAFOD Laudato Si' award

Both workshops need the Laudato Si' animation for children. Unfortunately it is too big to embed and upload. To save the film to your memory stick go to

Or bring a memory stick to your refresher day so we can download the embedded file directly for you to cut and paste into the presentation.

Key Stage One

Key Stage 2

Rough Guide to CAFOD

Secondary School Visit Resources

Introduction to CAFOD





see in Primary resources section for On the Move resources


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