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Liam interviews runner Emma Exelby following the 2015 London Marathon

Communications volunteers are vital to helping spread the word about the great work CAFOD volunteers are doing in their local area.  These volunteers will gather and coordinate photos and stories of parish communities, schools, volunteers, and more in their area.  Working with CAFOD’s media team, they will then produce press releases for the local newspapers and local radio, as well as sharing the stories on CAFOD’s local blogs and social media channels.

Communications volunteers should have an interest in media and communications and understand the importance of sharing CAFOD’s work.  A good understanding of social media and the confidence to speak and work with other volunteers and the media is helpful!

Skills and training

CAFOD helps all of its communications volunteers with specialist training from CAFOD’s media team, as well as resources and templates to help in your work.  Communications volunteers work very closely with the local Community Participation Coordinators (CPCs) and other members of CAFOD staff, so individual support is readily available. 

For more information and to apply:

You can sign up today using our online sign up form, or contact the CAFOD volunteer centre in your area for more information.  

“For me, utilising social media is crucial in order to reach a wider audience and get the message out to them about CAFOD’s great work especially at a local level.  It is something I can easily incorporate into my hectic life at University and feel I am still making a difference.”

Jack, communications volunteer in Northampton

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